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Books are a rich source for learning and what better way to become confident on a topic than tucking into a book that opens you up to a world of knowledge.  Yes, of course, there is television and google but it can be distracting and you tend to lose focus (especially with the bright lighting), in turn, slowing down your process of grasping fundamental information that you are requiring, but with a book, your mind and body relaxes and allows you to stay focused and thus absorb so much more.

The use of essential oils is a beneficial life choice towards living with more vitality and reaching higher levels of wellness.  The investment is long-term and for many people around the world, essential oils form part of their everyday lives, which means there is a constant need for new information and guidance on their usage.

At Essential Oil Supplies, we strive to bring you only the best when it comes to equipping you, and those around you, with knowledge.  We work alongside best-selling authors, aromatherapists, nutritionists, avid essential oil users, and of course industry leaders of the field to ensure you have a deepened understanding of essential oils, and how best to incorporate them to achieve your desired result.

The market for essential oil users is increasing as more are realising their profound benefits, that we have experienced it first-hand too.  It is for this reason that we fully support and look to aid essential oil users around the world with up-to-date knowledge.  We work with incredible designers, photographers, and illustrators to not only ensure the books are informative but are fresh, creative, and visually appealing for the reader and its audience for business presenting and learning purposes. 

Here you will find a book for almost any essential oil usage or need, from basics to modern, history, best uses, blends for cleaning, children, emotional well-being, first aid, and a vast array of protocols. To highlight just two, the Advanced Oil Magic Hardback book is perfect for laying a foundation for A-Z on essential oils and contains a wealth of content and protocols, then one of our latest books is ideal for family planning, as it digs deep into essential oils for Maternal Wellness, and the ever popular Essential Emotions book illustrates the benefits of using these oils to promote healthy emotional well-being.

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