Pure essential oils are rapidly increasing in popularity around the world due to their natural properties, remarkable wellness benefits, their versatility, and especially that they are environmentally friendly.

We supply only the very best equipment and containers. Whether it's for home or office use, travelling, sampling, or presenting. 

We are specialists in providing you with the ultimate tools and containers you need, not only for essential oils but also for body lotion, lip balm and other skincare products. These include roller, spray and pump bottles, sampling vials and droppers.

Many of our containers are available in different colours and materials: we have glass or plastice, to suit your preference, avaliable in clear, dark or other colours such as amber and purple. We have a vast array of decorative roller caps to accompany your chosen bottle design, these work well as deodorant containers!

We also stock a superb variety of specialist tools and accessories for ease of decanting and blending your essential oils into roller and spray bottles, or even for creating your own DIY products. 

Quality is of the highest priority for us, as we source and manufacture products with the end-user in mind, so you can rest assured that you will not only be investing in just the right products for various practical uses, but you will also be delighted with the quality.

At Essential Oils we have a wide range of products from amber glass bottles to clear spray bottles and oil bottle dispensers. Enjoy browsing through all of our products.

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