If you are looking for a natural option to help increase energy, vibrancy and develop a healthy wellness routine, look no further. The Metabolic Blend is the solution! Metabolic Blend is the ideal proprietary blend with a balanced ratio of Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon. The citrusy, spicy and minty aroma Metabolic Blend possesses makes this blend both uplifting and reviving. Metabolic Blend is said to lift one out of body shame and into honouring the body.


Blends well with: Citrus Oils, Tea Tree and Cedarwood.

Safety: Possible skin sensitivity. Use with caution during pregnancy.

Historical Uses

The combination of powerful ingredients in this blend was used to help aid digestion, boost the immune system and rid the body of toxins.


Wellness Uses

Metabolic Blend is ideal for boosting your energy, controlling cravings and boosting the immune system. Metabolic Blend also makes an amazing uplifting oil when diffused.


Emotional Uses

Metabolic Blend gives you a positive image about yourself and encourages self-acceptance.

How Metabolic Blend can Support:



Body acceptance

Create a healthy relationship with your body. Apply 1-3 drops Metabolic blend onto wrists while speaking words of health and love unto yourself. For a longer lasting fragrance apply oil onto aroma jewellery of choice and wear it wherever you go.


Emotional eating

Do you find yourself eating more or eating way less than usually when going through emotional changes? Metabolic Blend is here to support you during this time. Add 3-4 drops in a glass of water and drink before, after or during meals times.


Be fully present

Ingredients such as Ginger encourage you to be fully present in the now and in your body. Feel every movement, be aware of the littlest changes and fall in love with it all. Diffuse 4 drops of Metabolic Blend to bring yourself back to the appreciation of the present time. Why not try our Reed Diffuser? Fits perfectly when screwed onto your 15ml essential oil bottle.


Anxiety and depression

Let the uplifting and reviving properties of Metabolic Blend assist in restoring your mental health. Diffuse 3-4 drops in your space. Slowly feel yourself shift away from the dark cloud.



Be empowered by Metabolic Blend. Do what you really want to do and go about tasks in a confident manner. Anoint your wrists, behind your ears and the temples of your forehead to become empowered and determined.




Add 3 - 4 drops of Metabolic Blend to your glass of water for an energy burst throughout the day. Metabolic Blend can also be taken before your workout for an effective session.


Food cravings

Do You constantly find the need to grab a snack or meal even though you are not hungry? Metabolic Blend helps to suppress cravings and control appetite. Ingest 1-2 drops in a veggie capsule or drink in a glass of water. Keep your cravings in check throughout the day by storing your essential oil infused water in our SOE Deluxe 500ml stainless steel water bottle . It is essential oil friendly and locks all the goodness in with its special seal. 


Immune boost

Metabolic Blend possesses amazing immunostimulant properties to strengthen your body against minor ailments like colds and flus. Start your day by drinking a cup of water infused with 3-4 drops of Metabolic Blend. 



If you feel sluggish more often than usual, suffer from a brain fog or even experience constant bloating, these could be signs that you are due for a detox. Drink 3-4 drops of Metabolic Blend with 300ml of water twice on your planned detox day to improve your metabolism.


Fat burn

Ingredients like Ginger and Lemon are very well known for their ability to burn excess fat. Add 1-2 drops of Metabolic Blend and drink before your first meal of the day and before bed.


Rejuvenating massage

Metabolic Blend is best combined with your carrier oil or lotion of choice for an effective, rejuvenating massage.



Create a stimulating environment for yourself that motivates you to get things done by diffusing 2-3 drops of Metabolic Blend.


Appetite control

Add 2 drops of Metabolic Blend to a glass of water and drink. Metabolic Blend aims to assist in suppressing a big appetite so that you can let go of the guilt of overeating.