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Created in conjunction with Desiree de Lunae (nee Mangandog), this 4 sided brochure will help you lean into your magnificence by helping you to connect with every day habits, patterns and decisions that form the foundation of your well-being. Our emotions form part of that connection and are important elements that need attention, just the same as our physical body needs proper nutrition.

The content of this brochure will help you to achieve harmony in your body and spirit by identifying those areas and energies that need attention. With the use of essential oils, you'll learn how to move energy and create shifts in your emotions. 

The brochure explores the 5 elements, corresponding essential oils , and has a beautiful essential oil blend, curated by Desiree, to use in your journey. 

If you're sharing this material with others to educate them in essential oils for becoming more "Mentally Magnificent", then there's a section to use with enrolees to identify the best options for their oil purchases. Making this handout a really valuable enrolment tool alongside the MyMakes - Mentally Magnificent range or supporting products including recipe brochure, workshop kit and labels. 

 Contents: 1 x 4 sided brochure




I am Mentally Magnificent Brochure by Desiree Mangandog (Single)

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