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Looking for resources to help you children learn about essential oils?

Your children will be absolutely thrilled to receive these new resources!

Once Upon an Oil Drop has turned 15 of the most loved essential oils into super hero characters to make it easier for children of all abilities to learn about the oils. The beautifully illustrated roller bottle labels make it easy for a child to recognise which oil is in each bottle and associate it's use.

The song book can be used as a bedtime story book as well as a reference book for children. There is also a magical colouring book to help reinforce the essential oil characters.

Delightful songs have been created for each of the essential oil characters to help children learn what the oil can do and how to use it. From Frankie Frankincense to Poppy Peppermint, your children are in for a real treat.

This bundle includes the songbook, colouring book and roller bottle stickers.

The music can be purchased separately from www.onceuponanoildrop.com




Once Upon an Oil Drop Children’s Activity Pack

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