With so much interest in essential oils recently, it is not surprising that more and more oils are showing up in the labor room.  The practice of using essential oils is an incredibly potent and safe natural health modality that can make a profound addition to any mom-to-be, doula, or midwife's birth bag.  Knowing how to adapt general use of essential oils for application in labor is simple with the right tools.  Enjoy the blends below for general care in healthy, normal labors.  See a list of my favorite oils for labor.

This blend smells amazing and can be helpful for labor pain with accompanying fear and feelings of anxiousness. In a glass jar, combine 1 tablespoon of apricot kernel oil or another carrier oil, 1 drop of Peppermint, 2 drops of Ylang Ylang, 2 drops of Clary Sage, 1 drop of Lavender, 2 drops of Helichrysum, and 1 drop of Marjoram and use for a relaxing and invigorating massage during early or active labor.   

A powerful and grounding blend that supports laboring mothers during transition is the simple combination of Peppermint and Frankincense.  This blend can be added to a diffuser or simply shaken onto a handkerchief for inhalation.  This energizing blend brings us into the present moment and helps us to face the situation at hand without letting emotions or fear overcome us.  It also makes a good alternative to caffeine for fatigued care-takers who need to be alert during the wee hours!

Combine one ounce of olive oil with eight drops of Frankincense, eight drops of Helichrysum, and four drops of Lavender and apply topically to the perineum during stage two labor to support tissue elasticity and cell regeneration.  Moms and birth professionals alike report fewer or no tears after integrating these essential oils into their perineum care.  As with all of your essential oil blends intended for use in labor, make ahead and store in tight-fitting, glass containers away from light until they are needed.

  • It is important to ask for the mother's consent before using essential oils during her labor (and truly lovely to invite her to smell your oils and share with you her preferences~ she just may know what is best!) 

  • Use only very pure, therapeutic-quality essential oils. Most essential oils are adulterated and created for scent, not therapy.
  • Make your birth kit blends as close to the date of delivery as possible
  • Make small batches at a time to preserve quality 
  • Store your blends in dark glass or stainless steel containers that are airtight